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29 October 2005

Now that PMS appeals and such have been settled, all of us know where we’ll be going next year. Which also means that it is time to make plans. I have got a few options…
1. Move back to JB and enjoy the traditional students’ past time… lepak. At the same time praying hard that I […]

Of Extreme Malas-ness

28 October 2005

EoS is just around the corner, and I am at the peak of my malas-ness right now. I see my thick pile of notes, and know that I won’t be anywhere near ready if I don’t study study study right now… but I just cannot bring myself to read the funny scribblings!
The current favourite topics […]


27 October 2005

On life’s centre stage,
I mime and act,
Presenting a facade,
Of what society wants.
In life’s darkest corner,
I run and hide,
I wear a mask,
So no one finds me.
Many a time I grow tired,
Where may I take off the mask?
And get off the stage?
And be myself all over again?
Don’t Ask

End of a Phase

27 October 2005

We had the long overdue Debate Society AGM yesterday (since it’s past midnight already), as such, we have officially stepped down. THANK GOODNESS!!! I won’t say that I am truly happy with the new committee, because certain people have not proven to be very responsible over the past year. But well, if the rest […]

Happy… Or not (??)

25 October 2005

There are various situations that I end up not knowing whether I am happy. Sometimes, it gets so confusing I even feel that half of me is jumping for joy while the other half is in depression. Yeah, I may just have bipolar disorder. The recent *PMS Matching is one good example of such a […]


22 October 2005

Accessories to Clothes
Shoes to Outfit
Guy to Girl
Students to University
Queen’s University Of Belfast
Whee!!! Did I mention that I’m happy? Yeah, I’m happy. Absolutely delighted. Whee!!! *skips around the room*

Nerve Wreaking Day Ahead

21 October 2005

Someone up there decides that Sem 5s should be given a “special” day today, 21st Oct 2005, so sometime ago, it was decided that we should have our Nervous System in-course on this wonderful day. Then someone (may be the same person, may not be the same person… all from the same department though) came […]

Study, Y’all!!!

19 October 2005

It’s the Do-Anything-Other-Than-Study (DAOTS) reflex that pushed me to blog right now, it is actually a subset of the Laxy reflex. (in a small voice) ok.. I promise to get back to work right after this.
I seldom get more than 5 comments for any post and looking at the 17 comments for Unique Reflexes II, […]

Unique Reflexes II

16 October 2005

I’ve got the Yawn Reflex and Sleep Reflex kicking in really frequently and somehow, that leads to the Lazy Reflex. The one that your brain tells the rest of your body to just abandon all studying and go to bed. But somehow, the Lazy Reflex also stimulates the Panic Reflex to kick in which leads […]


15 October 2005

It’s a good day when you wake up to McD’s breakfast and reading your own post on minishorts’ blog. It’s a very good day when you finally find a book you’ve been looking for since a month ago and a CD you’ve always wanted.
Today is a very good day.

Unique Reflexes

15 October 2005

Bicep jerk, knee jerk, abdominal reflex, pupillary reflex, accomodation reflex… the list goes on and on. These reflexes are not very interesting, they are so common, most people have them.
There’s another group of reflexes that’s found in a smaller group of people…students.
1. Yawn reflex — Lectures causes all muscles involved in the TMJ […]


14 October 2005

Hi, I’m TogTog…

CHiQ bought me for YP just now.

When I’m connected to the iPod, I play music. I also dance when I hear music. YP and CHiQ think I’m the cutest doggy.

The LEDs on my face lights up according to my mood.

When YP goes away to study, I get to go with her and […]

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