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Linkie Linkiez

30 September 2005

Added 2 Med Peepz links, both are sem 1 juniors, Prasad (aka the male P in my NHSD post) and Senaiboy.
I wanted to link YS as well, but it looks like his blog is covered with cobwebs. *Hands feather duster to YS*

Nerd In The Making

29 September 2005

Mm. Ya. Me. ‘Cos half way through studying, something came to mind and I just had to blog it. Never expected myself to say anything like that…
Snell’s Clinical Neuroanatomy roxx my soxx!
Finally got the book today (er.. yesterday?) after a spell of “Sorry ah, out of stock, it’ll be here on Monday” then “No, […]

Whiney Diaries

28 September 2005

I was half way to sickies-land just before NHSD, with intermittent bouts of sore throat and blocked nose (sometimes they can last for one evening only, then disappear until the following afternoon). The full blown craziness finally descended a few days after NHSD (I like to think it’s because it was due to the stress […]

Translation (As requested by Her Highness, FireAngel)

26 September 2005

Please refer to The Loctor for original 中文繁体 version. I must say that the tiny traditional chinese fonts are really difficult to read. BLEAHz to The Loctor.
Anyway, here goes! (My translation isn’t very good though)
Thanks to My Dua Cen (aka TV Smith)’s introduction, I got to know FireAngel. From then on, FireAngel became one of […]


26 September 2005

26th September
Not mummy day, daddy day, loctor day, nurses day, secretary day, women day, teachers day, children day, world peace day, hospice day, apa-apa disease day…. But it’s a speschial speschial day nonetheless…
*drum roll*

Today is FA DAY!!!

FireAngel or 烈火天使 (lie4 huo3 tian1 shi3)…She’s kiut, she’s pwetty, she’s smat, she nise, she the bestest to […]

They just pile up

25 September 2005

Some trainings here and there
3 days worth of crazy arguments
A week worth of a disobedient nose
With its good friend, the scratchy throat
The result?
Two weeks worth of backlog
Sets of notes
None of which I understand
Oh noooooooooooooo…………..
*sobs in a corner*

‘Tis the season to be choosy

24 September 2005

‘Tis the season to be choosy
Everyone is picking uni
From the UK to Australia
Ranking unis 1 to 22
Life changing decisions
Then hoping for the best………..
Yes, it has been confirmed, I’m cranky.


23 September 2005

is over.
Gongster and I didn’t do as well as we did last year, although I do feel that we’re much better speakers now than before (don’t ask me why the results doesn’t show it)… I guess we should be glad that we finished with 7 points when both of us merely wanted to “go wing […]


22 September 2005

ya liek when we were budak2.

(yp left / chiq right)
innocent days of foreverness dan togede-gedeness lah.

Selamat Menyambut Pesta Kuih Bulan

18 September 2005

Closed the store as fast as I could, hopped in to a cab and raced to Carrefour to buy mooncakes to celebrate with mami, monkey and kakak. I decided to get the S.H.E. box of 3 because for some weird reson, my lil sis, the monkey, likes them.
Walked home and woke mami up. Yes, […]

Eager … to discuss a dilemma

17 September 2005

Like Gongster (as Adeline is affectionately referred to by the IMU debaters) I’m actually looking forward to Monday where we start a 3 days debate on Machiavallianism — A Medical Dilemma at the 4th National Health Sciences Debate. Ok, strip the theme of all its profound sounding facade or cheem-ness and you’ll see that it […]

Not Letting Go

15 September 2005

I added a little update to my “letting go” post, which basically states that I’m not letting go. Yeah, I’m a wuss. I don’t know whether I made the right decision, but whatever the case, it is only a 3 days thing and since it’s medical ethics, the matter loading required is not as intensive […]

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