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Kali Pertama

31 August 2005

This is my first post in YP’s Rantings after closing CHiQspace.
Ms YP took pity on the blogless CHiQ and created an account for her to berbelog. So I’ll be blogging here occasionally to invade the dear girl’s blog… muahahahahahaha… and you all fikir senang wanna get rid of the CHIQ huh… nyek nyek nyek!
Other than […]

Deja Vu

31 August 2005

The clock struck 12 and we heard the sounds of fireworks coming from the stadium and a lot of people shouting MERDEKA! MERDEKA! Stood on the balcony, looked to our right, fireworks from the stadium; looked to our left, fireworks from KL; looked behind us, the huge pile of lecture notes that we have to […]


30 August 2005

I’ve added a plugin which enables me to have a list of important dates and the number of days leading to that day.
*points to side-bar*
Look! I’ve got the much dreaded MSK in-course and the EoS dates listed. :P That list can also be known as “YP’s Dreaded Days”. Sigh.

Treasuring Anonymity

26 August 2005

1. The quality or state of being unknown or unacknowledged.
2. One that is unknown or unacknowledged.
Hidden behind a screen, represented only by words, it is not difficult to remain anonymous on the internet. By “anonymous” I don’t mean a case where people don’t know your real name, I am referring to anonymity on a deeper […]

Musculosuxleton II

23 August 2005

Dragging myself through days
Of endless lectures and lessons
Of piles of books and notes
Of lists of to-dos.
Bracing myself
For the coming exams
For the approaching datelines
For the sleepless nights.
I’m tired
Of the inability to comprehend
Of memorising
Of the never diminishing pile of work.
Got a headache
Feeling nauseous
Constantly sleepy
A little giddy
I used to enjoy the workload, maybe that’s because it used to […]

WTIM: Choice

23 August 2005

If anything, it’s to prove Sheena wrong, that I do want to write about words that intrigues me
With all the talk about choosing PMS-es within the batch, an appropriate second WTIM will be CHOICE, I think.
1. First and foremost, as a noun, a “choice” also means an “option” and having the power to choose. […]

Vrrrooom Vrrrrooom II

22 August 2005

I promised pictures but the lazy bum in me procrastinated and procrastinated. Here are VV’s pictures.

Angled front view


A little more alert

Peering inside

Sexy eh?

From the side

Home At Last

21 August 2005

It’s me again! I’m HOME!!! And I’m no longer one-eared. I got my new ear but now I’ve got one black ear and one silver ear. The new one needs to be painted.. but YP said to wait. Desmo brought me to his bro-in-law’s place and they had me fixed. *grin* I got home about […]

Calling all Malaysian Medical Students

21 August 2005

In case you haven’t read about it from MMR or the MMR forum, well, I’m going to mention it here. *grin* Palmdoc just started a Malaysian Medical Students blog and is now looking for interested editors or writers.
It doesn’t matter if you own a blog right now, as long as you’re Malaysian, and you’re […]

Ouch, my ear

20 August 2005

This is YP’s car, also known among her friends as car-car. I’m a Hyundai Getz and while I’m not anyone’s posh, eye-catching, babe-attracting vehicle, I bring YP (and her friends) around KL (and JB) comfortably, well, at least I haven’t gotten any serious complains just yet.
I’m about a year and two months old and have […]

Musculosuxleton System

16 August 2005

This is a rant
Bone after bone, muscle after muscle, nerve after nerve. OMG, I’m just going to faint from anatomy-overload. I don’t like anatomy so much so that in all the other system courses, I always get anatomy over and done with when I revise, and pray I’ll never have to look at them ever […]

Public Service Announcement

14 August 2005

I was sitting around and had a little free time, so I picked up the Partner Medical Schools (PMS) list and started converting all the tuition fees and total cost into RM. If anyone’s interested in this list, it’s over at the M203 blog. For a more direct link, here.:)

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