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Glad It’s Over

29 July 2005

Posting from Genting Highlands…
People come to Genting Highlands all the time, to enjoy themselves, be it at the themepark or at the casino. I come to Genting Highlands… just hoping that I’ll at last get a good night’s sleep, and I think I’m not the only one. The 100+ organising team members and group […]

Do Yoo Speeks De Yingeliss?

25 July 2005

Much has been said about the CSMU graduates’ command of English. In fact, their poor grasp of the language was even a reason given for its de-recognition. Instead of paying so much attention to a university faraway in Ukraine, why not take a look at the local situation?
Language is not only about writing, and is, […]

Promoting Racism, I say

23 July 2005

Recently, there’s been call, by the UMNO Youth, for the New Economic Policy (NEP) to be re-introduced as the country’s development policy. Aiz blogged about it, the Bootstrapper blogged about it, and other bloggers have also written their views about it. Since I was whining and grumbling about it when I read it on the […]

Gonna Be Busy

22 July 2005

*sayang Rantings* I know I’ve been neglecting Rantings lately, poor bloggie. She (yeah, Rantings is female, ‘cos I’m female) is going to be neglected for another week because I’ll be busy with AMSC KL’05. In fact, I won’t be at Vista and don’t know whether I’ll have access to the internet or have time to […]

PPS Blog

19 July 2005

From a blogtal where bloggers pinged their entries, Project Petaling Street has developed into a community over the last 2 years (just look at the recent PPS birthday bash). Now, there’s an announcement of a PPS group blog starting up.
PPS doesn’t have a blog, but why shouldn’t it?
Yeah, why shouldn’t it? Since it has developed […]

Book Craze

17 July 2005

In the car yesterday…
Sheena: Did Raj sms you this morning?
YP: Er… no.
Sheena: He smsed me early in the morning, “I got the book.”
CK: At 7.30!!!
YP: AH???
Yupz, the Harry Potter craze has started or rather, re-started for the 6th time. Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince is out! Apparently, there’s a copy out on the […]

Public Service Announcement

16 July 2005

This is a public service announcement. I’m back in JB and will be in JB until Friday. To the M2/03ians, no, I am not going to Redang. JB seems a lot more attractive to me. *grinz* Have a good break, everyone. It’s only two weeks (one for those involved in AMSC), but it’s the […]

Selectives II

15 July 2005

This is a follow up of my previous blog post about my behavioural science selectives. It’s the last day of selectives today, the long awaited 2 weeks break has started! Whee!!!
This entire month of lectures on behaviour modification, the individual assignment (of modifying one of my own behaviour) and interviewing another person about his attempt […]

Page Rank

15 July 2005

Ok, pardon my slow-ness and excessive stupid-ness. It’s only very V-E-R-Y recently that I learnt about Google Page Ranks. Pretty interesting stuff, really.
PageRank relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page’s value. In essence, Google interprets a link from page A […]

Protected: Jie’s Password

15 July 2005

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

No Opinions

14 July 2005

Commenting on one of my previous post, regarding the Terri Schiavo debate in the Seremban campus, Sheena said:
And you want to know what’s the disgusting thing? We could’ve turned around and debated the other side in a heartbeat. Debaters are people with too much opinions. Good debaters are people with no opinions..
In a way, this […]

New Strawberry On The Plant

14 July 2005

In the cal lab…
JE: blah blah
Elena: EH!!! YOU’VE GOT A BLOG? (ok, half the cal lab could hear her)
JE: er.. ya
Me: URL???
Yupz, JE blogs as “strawberry” so there’s a new strawberry on the strawberry plant!!! :) JE has started blogging. Wheee…

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