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War Of The Worlds — no spoilers here

30 June 2005

29 of us went to watch the movie together last night. It’s a wonder how the ticket-buyers (aka Jacq and Caryn) got the tickets, apparently they were at the counter with a whole bunch of friends on Monday evening (each person only allowed 6 tickets mah), and had a lot of problems with sitting arrangements.
General […]

Another Avenue For Discussion

28 June 2005

In case you didn’t know, I’m a sucker for forums. That’s why I’m always hanging out at DrLiew’s and KVPUG and sometime ago, at myMug too. I may not post much in some cases, but I stalk quite a bit. Heh heh… ‘Cos well, forums are great places to participate in discussions or just to […]

Interesting Postcards

27 June 2005

Do you have secrets? Do you make postcards? CHiQ showed me this blog last night. It’s a website where people anonymously send in their homemade postcards containing their secrets. Some of the postcards are really cool, go take a look. :)

Of Zoos, Orang Aslis, Kyoto Protocols and Nature Reserves…

27 June 2005

A group of us spent our weekend in the Sunway-Monash campus talking about really strange stuff, like closing down zoos, like letting indigenous slash and burn, like forcing US to sign the kyoto protocol and even privatising M’sia’s nature reserves! It was the Monash Environmental Debates lah…
We sent 3 teams, one team made up […]

The Powers Of Short Messages

26 June 2005

Sometimes, it’s amazing what short little messages can do for a person. :) A little “hi”, a little “how are you” or any short message can really change the reciever’s mood.
Earlier this evening…
C: :( *worried*
C: *stares at phone* I’m worried. He didn’t reply
Phone: teeeteeeee *msg in*
C: *smiles* :D
P: :( *sad*
P: *stares at phone* no reply […]

Old Toy, New Toy

25 June 2005

The S300 is officially dead, or at least in a coma. She won’t show me anything anymore if I flip her open all the way. Terribly unfriendly little thing. She served reasonably well, being my alarm clock and primary communication device ever since I came to KL. (Got it on the day I left for […]

Whee!!! BDay Bash!!

24 June 2005

Long long time ago, when I was a kid (like… Kid lah, like younger than now kinda kid), I used to think that “Bday Bash” is when you bash someone up during his birthday, like bish bish bish bash. (Ok, wasn’t a very smart kid) :P
PPS turned 2 yesterday!! And loads and loads and loads […]

New Blog Engine

23 June 2005

Look! WP at last! I’ll put up the tagboards and stuff later. Maybe in a day or 2.

What are you having?

22 June 2005

The a la carte menu for Charlie’s Place is up!!! Now, everyone, be good, go look at the menu and order your food. Go go.. :) Oh ya, for the blurrer ones out there, I’m talking about the PPS Bday Bash this coming Thursday lah!!!
Wheeeee… really looking forward to the bash. :D
More info here.
Salads and […]

Good Times With Good Friends

20 June 2005

Soothing music in the background, cool breeze blowing in, soft lightings, good drinks and more importantly, great company… What more can a girl ask for?
Met up with CHiQ and Jeyadev after my 2 fruits selling friends finished work. Right now, we’re sitting in Coffee Hut, enjoying the ambience, the drinks and chit-chatting. Absolute bliss. […]


20 June 2005

It’s selectives time for the M2/03ians. We were given 4 choices, Physiology, Pathology, Travel Medicine and Behavioural Science, which we had to rank in order of preference.
I got my 2nd choice, BS, where we’ll be spending a month on Behavioural Modification and I’m a happy kid. Why? Well, we’ve got a comfortable timetable, nice […]

To A Dear Friend

20 June 2005

Don’t ask me why…
I’m unhappy
A little angry
Maybe a little upset
I don’t ask you why…
You’re different
A little aloof
Maybe a little ignoring
I’m happy for you,
Truly happy.
I’m glad
You’ve got someone there.
I understand
The way things work
Circumstances has it this way
And that’s how life is.
You told me
Not to let it affect us
I tried to accomodate
But it just isn’t working out.
Maybe […]

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