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Talk Is Cheap, Debate

31 May 2005

Saw that *points at title* on one of the filipino debater’s t-shirt. :) We just got back from NTU yesterday evening and I was dead beat.
Now, the tournament…
It was a pretty good experience. :) Debating with Vasan and Richard was really cool and I think we learnt a lot from the tournament and from each […]

Disappearing — Letter to my bloggie

24 May 2005

Dearest Rantings,
Be good ok? I’ll be away for a week and won’t be ranting on you for that period of time. If you see any of the horrible spammers around, give them a slap for me ok? *sayang* I’ll be back again on Monday (30st May).. Don’t miss me too much ok?

Contemplating Life

20 May 2005

Sad, unfair and unjust.
What wrong did I do
That I have to bear this.
What fault did I commit
That I have this burden.
Hide, runaway, disappear.
A seemingly perfect solution.
But not the way.
I wait.

Blog Meet

20 May 2005

When people write and read another’s writings… it’s inevitable that they become curious about each other and want to meet up.
So… blogmeetblogmeetblogmeet! Wheeeeeeeee…

PeterTan will be coming to KL soon (which I’m sure you’ll know if you read his blog). And he’s calling for a blogmeet…
Here are the details:
Mid Valley Megamall Bloggers Meet
Venue: Food Junction, […]

A Special Post

20 May 2005

I don’t write well… but here’s a not very well written special post for someone dear to me.
A never ending battle,
Which isn’t even fair.
Draining us through and through,
Very overwhelming.
We are tempted hide,
Or maybe to run.
Just get away.
What matters isn’t the end,
But the journey till then.
It’s about knowing that you fought,
Standing proud, standing tall…
Girl, be strong… […]

I Speeekss No Yingeliss

19 May 2005

Came across this interesting little test. :)

Your English Skills:

Punctuation: 100%

Spelling: 100%

Vocabulary: 100%

Grammar: 80%

Does Your English Cut the Mustard?

meme post

17 May 2005

There’s this meme post thing going on recently and I kena tagged by MichaelOoi. Super honoured to be tagged by the heavenly one. ;)
So it goes like this. Below is a list of different occupations. You must select at least five of them. You may add more if you like to your list before you […]

Mental Masturbation

14 May 2005

It was mentioned in Dr Liew’s forum that blogging is mental masturbation, which I don’t disagree with. However… debating is an even more orgasmic experience. *grinz*
UiTM Pre-Asians just ended yesterday evening and wheeeeee…. really really enjoyed myself. Like I said during the tournament, “good food, good rounds, good tournament.” Absolutely orgasmic.
We sent 2 teams […]


10 May 2005

Warning: This is a whiney post, please stay away if you can’t stand this sorta stuff.
I’ve got a sorethroat since Sunday!!! *whines* Had a fever on Sunday and Monday but think it’s OK now… Till now, my voice is still OK although it hurts to yak. *gulp* I wonder what things will be like if […]

Happy Mommys’ Day!

8 May 2005

Second Sunday of May, Mothers’ Day… The day when prices of carnations go up up up, the shop windows display all sorts of “special Mothers’ Day packages” etc.
While it’s true that everyday can be a day to honour your Mommys, it’s nice to have a special day set aside for one of the most important […]

Of holes and body mutilations

3 May 2005

One fine day, a girl decided that it’s time she got her ears pierced… So she told 2 other girls who thought it was a great idea and off they went.
Let’s call the lead in our little scene today, V (for VICTIM) and the lady who did the piercing will be E (for EVIL).
We’ll […]