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Hormonal Problems

31 March 2005

So I’m a female, so my hormones kick up a huge storm now and then but now… ALL the hormones are kicking up a big fuss.
Endocrine ICA is just around the corner (well, it’s on Friday aka tomorrow) and I’m not prepared yet. In fact, it still feels as if sem 4 just started! To […]

A Different Kinda Gong

29 March 2005

I wasn’t feeling too good today and needed to talk to someone and got someone to talk to. I’m not particularly close to this someone. (Well, it’s not as if we’re strangers or we don’t talk, we’re just not particularly close)
Have you ever had the feeling that somethings are common sense, but this common […]

The World Trembles II

29 March 2005

And so the world trembles again… read about it here.
(Shake.. Shake..)
Me: (Thinking)”Huh? Must be I’m really tired, or needa change bed already” (Goes back to bed)
(Shake.. Shake..)
Me: (Thinking)”Er.. the building shook ah? Ok.” (Dozes off again)
S: “Eh, come down now.”
Me: “Huh?”
S: “Come down now, and take the stairs. Didn’t you feel the building shake? Everyone’s […]

Quit Procrastinating

28 March 2005

After the trip to Chennai, I was supposed to write a report on my elective. Since the scope of what CMCT does is pretty wide, the 3 of us decided to split the workload. There’s G the hardworking and conscientious, and E and I the not-so-hardworking and not-so-conscientious.
G: Is your part of the elective report […]

To & Fro

27 March 2005

Went back to JB on Friday evening and here I am, in KL again on Sunday evening. Talk ’bout short trips, eh? Reason for this short trip home the weekend before endocrine in-course? Well… according to the Lunar calender (last year, 13 months), it’s his 1 year anniversary and there are rites to do. That’s […]

A Place For Students

25 March 2005

Seems appropriate to do a little advertising for a new webpage I’ve been visiting pretty regularly these days…
If anyone remembered last SRC elections, the M2/03ians actually promised the student population an IMU Students portal. They even created to show everyone what they have in mind. :) In the end, most of them didn’t get […]

To A Special Someone

22 March 2005

It’s Dooku Kor’s bday today. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
CHiQ Jie, Beat, Kaizer and I celebrated his bday last Saturday. It was a day of walking around, dinner at Victoria Station and Sheridan’s at CHiQ Jie’s place.
Hee, malas to type somemore lah..

Of Screams, Shouts & Good Perfomances

19 March 2005

CHiQ’s kawan gave her tickets to the Force of Nature concert last night. Not just normal tickets, but exclusive golden circle ones, with after show passes… *grinz* Nice CHiQ brought me along. *Hugs the CHiQ*
In summary…
My vocal cords, my arms, my butt and my legs got really really good workouts. The concert ended at […]


14 March 2005

Logged on the MovableType a while ago wanting to post pictures of the Chennai trip but lost the mood already. Saw a more than 50 posts increase in the comment section and I knew it’s the spammers again. ARGH ARGH ARGH. Spoil mood saje…

Talk Till You Drop

11 March 2005

The first week of school has almost ended (woohoo!) and I guess this is a good time to talk about the beginning of my life as a Sem 4 student.
Da yingeleesee placement test was no fair. Peeper like me speeks an lite no yingeleesee! Sweer fael. No fair. Dey tell us lite formal emael and […]

9 March 2005

He left a year ago. Somehow, it feels like yesterday. I can still remember exactly what happened a year ago. A year has passed and I learnt one very important thing… Time can work miracles and help people come to terms with many things, but there are still stuff that time can’t do, there is […]

A Short Little Post

7 March 2005

Just a short post to summarise everything before I go zzz…
2. School starts tomorrow (well, er.. today)
3. India pics will be up soon. (like erm.. SOON lah)
4. Europe pics too.
5. Just turned the comments thingie back on.

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