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Elective — Day 7

24 February 2005

About half way though our stay in Chennai… My previous post was for day 4 when we had a look at what CMCT was doing for Tsunami relief.
Nothing much happened since, I guess. We visited more slums, bought punjabi suits (gonna wear them tomorrow.. *grinz*) and I guess the main highlight will be the 2 […]

Elective — Day 4 (Nature’s Big Wash Out)

21 February 2005

We visited a village hit by the Tsunami, no one from this particular village died. Due to a fortunate coincidence no one was out at sea but they lost almost everything.
The beautiful sea, with gentle lapping waves paint a very beautiful picture. It is truly unimaginable that this is the same sea that robbed all […]

Elective — Day 3

20 February 2005

Still posting from Chennai
Went to Church in the morning and will be going to look at their Sunday school later. Didn’t understand a thing ‘cos everything’s in tamil and to top it off, I’m not even Christian!
Mmm… let’s just say that it’s a different world out here. If I compare to what things are like […]

Elective — Day 1

18 February 2005

Posting this from Chennai
First day at CMCT*…
Mmm… We were kinda treated like royalties. *grinz* Saw what CMCT does and I must say that the works they are doing with children and women is truly impressive.
The highlight of the day was the visit to one of the slum area CMCT is working with. Looking at the […]

Another Flight

17 February 2005

This time to Chennai. :) I’ll be going with Grace and Elena, it’s our elective, you see. My luggage bag is full to bursting, I just hope it stays intact for 15 days more. Heehee.
Gonna turn off the commenting system again. All for the sake of the spammers. Sighz…
I (or I think, we)may try […]

Reporting Back

16 February 2005

Landed safely at Changi Airport at 19 00hrs on 15th Feb 2005 on AF 256. Got back home to JB at 21 30 hrs because of mix up with the transfer guy.
Over the last few days, I’ve been to Rome, Vatican City, Prague and Paris. *grinz from ear to ear* Went to many interesting places […]

Just Before Take Off

8 February 2005

Posting from Changi Airport
Mmm… Last post before I take off. Gonna miss the blog.. yupz, look like I’m kinda addicted to blogging. Bloggie bloggie.. be good k?
We just travelled across the causeway, then to the east of SG. Feels kinda weird to be passing through the immigration as a tourist. Still remember the days […]

So I’m disappearing for some time…

8 February 2005

I’ll be disappearing for sometime, I know I’ve repeated this over and over again. But well… :P
Next post will most probably be after 15th Feb, when I get back from Europe. :) ‘Cos I don’t want to end up spending days deleting spam, I’ll disable comments before I leave, so if there’s anything, you can […]

A Little Prezzie For New Year

8 February 2005

I just got this today, so it’s a little present for CNY. :) CHiQ and I have been looking for this for ages, not that they are hard to come by, just that when we popped by Sonystyle at KLCC last month, the guy told us that they only have the black version on Malaysia. […]

Chinese New Year — 农历新年

6 February 2005

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, I thought I’ll have a post about it. :) This will be the first year I’m spending CNY overseas, but normally it’ll be spent at home. This means a lot of visiting, good food, red packets, gambling and meeting up with cousins I haven’t seen in eons. […]

When Am I Going To Die???

3 February 2005

Ermz, that’s very old isn’t it?


1 February 2005

I’m going to assume that everyone’s very interested in what I’ve been up to. *Grinz* Ya, I know… persasan right? Too bad, my blog. *Smirk*
1. Changed the template for this blog… although it’ll most prob be a temporary one.
2. Added stuff to the AMSC KL ‘05 webpage… although it still isn’t 100% done yet.
3. Shopping… […]