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The Meeting People Day

30 January 2005

Yesterday must be my MPD. :)
Met a whole lot of KVPUGers I’ve never met before… including dobbs, yapliren, jeyadev, azxel (aka moomoo), Bendrix… and loads more. And later in the afternoon, went to dobbs’ place and met Jellio and D, dobbs’ son. Oh yes, I also met Veggie Tales. :P I’m beginning to think […]

Smokin’ Ladies

28 January 2005

In one of Aunty Lilian’s recent posts, she said that it is different when men and women smoke. This is actually more appropriate as a comment on Aunty Lilian’s blog, but it will be too long to fit into one comment, so well, why not have it here.
Initially, I quoted her entire post here, but […]

YP’s Stuff-To-Work-On List

28 January 2005

:) While chatting on IM with 2 different people and 2 different times within the last 24 hours, the topic on character/personality came up. Here’s a list of stuff they said about me and IMHO, stuff about me that I need to work on.
I am:
1. Unpredictable
2. Sometimes friendly, sometimes not
3. Self-centered
4. Ready-to-blame
5. Trigger happy
6. Emotional
Yupz, […]

For money? Are you sure?

26 January 2005

First read about this in MMR and then went to the NST article Palmdoc linked. I remember asking some M2/04 juniors why they choose to do medicine and there were some who said they were attracted by the money. Those of us who were there thought it was pretty amusing and I think we even […]

Pls excuse my drooling…

25 January 2005

I’ve never been attracted to smartphones, at least not until now. I’ve always believed in having 2 pieces of gadgets. I mean, hey, if I lose one, at least I’ll still have the other, right? And smartphones are big and bulky and specs-wise, they aren’t as great as PDAs… (no, any PPCs aren’t smart, so […]

Something Simple

25 January 2005

I’ve gotten sick of my old template so here’s something else. :) It’s much simpler and I guess it can be classified as one of the typical MT templates. I kinda like the simplicity.. and if time permits, I’ll really sit down and work on a template. But then again… I’m also thinking of switching […]

East West Horoscopes

25 January 2005

Got the link in an email from Dooku kor.

Western Sign: Virgo
Eastern Sign: Rat
You are full of contradictions. In addition to three planets in your own fastidious sign, you have three in Sagittarius, adding a dash of adventurousness-maybe even a wild streak-to your usual sense of propriety. It may take a while for your inner ‘odd […]

Some people shouldn’t be allowed to live

24 January 2005

In the news today:
The numbers are shocking.There were 290 cases of child rape in the first three months of last year in which the perpetrators were the fathers or other relatives. This compares with 768 for the whole of 2003.
The breakdown: 72 cases where the offenders were the fathers, 112 stepfathers, 42 uncles, 20 brothers-in-law, […]

Phone Probz

24 January 2005

Sent my handphone in for servicing again today. I’ve been delaying it for months now, yes, me and my procrastination (HI JASON!! :P).
First the keypad’s cranky (2nd service for this now..), next, the reception is not too good (although the nokia will be fine in the exact same place and time), then I start […]


24 January 2005

Argh argh argh… While I was deleting spam, I accidentally deleted 16 other non-spam comments. ARGH. Now I feel so dumb. *bang head against wall*

Lazing Around

18 January 2005

Last year I was complaining about not having anything to do. This time ’round, I’m glad there’s nothing to do. Lazing around is good. says lazing is to be lazy, loaf, now… what is wrong with that? Like I was telling Ma earlier, it’s been ages since I last had a holiday and the […]


16 January 2005

holi·day n. 1: leisure time away from work devoted to rest or pleasure
All the way till March. All the way till March, you hear? I’ve been complaining about the lack of holidays since the end of semester 2 so most of you can imagine how happy I am to be away on my long break […]

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