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What’s there to do?

28 December 2004

As the countdown counter continues ticking away, another counter is going on in my head. It counts down to 6th Jan. :D Yes, yes, I know it isn’t right, but I need something to look forward to. So here’s a list of things YP wanna/gotta/hafta do after 6th Jan.
1. SLEEP — After a few weeks […]

The World Trembles

26 December 2004

If you read/listen/watch the news, you would have known that more than 9500 people from Asia have been killed due to the effects of the most serious earthquake in the world in 40 years. The earthquake in Indonesia measured a 8.9 on the richter scale. On the day right after Christmas, when many people are […]

It’s not how much you do, but how you do it.

26 December 2004

I’m on to revision on F2* stuff and am supposed to finish it by today.
S told me a few days ago that she didn’t understand why she didn’t do well in F2 Summative 1, especially when she did her own notes for most of the handouts we were given. I didn’t have an answer […]

As the countdown continues…

24 December 2004

As Christmas and 2005 approaches, EoS looms just around the corner. Scary stuff. I am really worrying now. There seems to be a whole somewhere in my brains, everything keeps leaking out but I can’t seem to find it, and therefore cannot plug it. Anyone can help? :P If only EoS is the only thing […]

Mugging Galore!

21 December 2004

Saturday night saw me at my lowest low. I was sick and tired of mugging, nothing was going into my head. I was upset, thinking of giving up, even wanted to drive out for a drink (and I don’t even like alcohol). It was only then I discovered that I was doing it wrong. All […]

For the lack of a better title

16 December 2004

- GI sucks. Don’t ask.
- Progress wrt studying sucks too. 17 days more and I’m so dead.
- Nasioncom’s been making my life more miserable than it already it.
- Read my archives, I’m turning more and more shallow. (The move to the new domain marked the beginning of YP’s shallow-ness)
- Router configuration isn’t working.

Up North We Go

14 December 2004

It’s not all the way north, just to KL. Hey, JB to KL is up north mah…
“Be careful OK?”
“Don’t speed.”
“It’s a long drive, make sure you have enough sleep.”
“Don’t speed.”
“If you’re tired, take a rest at the rest stops”
“Don’t speed.”
“If it rains too heavily, wait for the rain to die down before continuing”
These are some […]

Non-Stop? You sure?

10 December 2004

This was written at 20 59hrs, 9th Dec 04, as I sit in the bus.
Earlier today, at the KKKL ticket counter at Puduraya.
Person-in-charge (W): Johor Johor… Johor… Sekarang sekarang!!!
Us: Dua tiket ke Johor Bahru.
W: Sekarang ya? Pukul lima.
Us: Non-stop*?
W: Non-stop pukul enam.
Me: *turns to A* So how? Wait or what?
W: *yaks on walky* Non-stop ke […]

In the middle of the night…

9 December 2004

You see, it’s now past 2.30am and I’m still up. Staring at TB notes and nothing’s going in. *sobz*
*points at countdown counter*
*sobs somemore*
Going home later today… let’s hope I get some studying done while in JB, otherwise I’m 100% screwed for EoS.

There’s this little boy…

7 December 2004

Lilian blogged about this and also posted a message in Dr Liew’s forum on this issue. So I thought, why not link it here as well. :) Take a look. It’s about little Ryan…
Sometimes I wonder, almost every parent-to-be is excited about the arrival of their little one in this world, everyone hopes and pray […]

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

6 December 2004

We watched and discussed about the movie during BS today. If anyone’s interested, go to this link to find out more about the movie.
I didn’t know what the title really meant until I googled and found out.
Vintery, mintery, cutery, corn,
Apple seed and apple thorn;
Wire, briar, limber lock,
Three geese in a flock.
One flew east,
And one flew […]

Fever, Sorethroat, Cough & Diarrhoea

5 December 2004

Warning: This is a whiny post, please ignore if you can’t stand these kinda stuff
Felt the sorethroat coming since Monday morning (yeah, NHSD start, sorethroat also wanna join in the fun). Of course it didn’t help that I was in a 3 days tourny, didn’t drink enough water (’cos lazy to fill up bottle after […]

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