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The Lack of Updates

30 November 2004

Yes yes… there hasn’t been many updates on my blog recently. There weren’t be, actually, until I get back from Kuala Kubu Baru on Saturday (Yeah, I’m going to KKB again).
I’ve been really busy with NHSD these days, and will be heading off to KKB after NHSD tomorrow evening. Loads to blog about, but I’ll […]

Dildos vs Guys

30 November 2004

After the last preliminary round today, we were sitting around, waiting for the breaking results when a debate started among the IMU debaters on the motion that THBT guys are dumb and it somehow evolved into THBT dildos are better than guys. Here’s something S came up with…
S: Ladies and gentlemen, THBT dilsos are better […]

Doing what’s right & Doing what you wanna do

28 November 2004

Decisions… decisions… decisions… It sucks, you know. There’s something you want to do, there’re choices you want to make but on the other hand, you have to do what is right and what’s better for the greater good.
Looking at it from another perspective, who is to decide what’s right? Who is to decide which […]

The Other Side

25 November 2004

In one of the many many workshops we were forced to attend in secondary school, someone said “It takes 15 minutes to give someone a first impression of yourself, but a lifetime to change it” It seems unfair, doesn’t it? A short while and someone has already formed an impression of you… but hey, isn’t […]

Will da leeta itsy bitsy pieces of information puhleese say “ME”?

23 November 2004

After the supposedly-so-easy-but-i-found-it-real-difficult gastrointestinal system in course assessment yesterday, we started looking at the NHSD motions… (Oh ya, watched Incredibles too, but that’s another story isn’t it?)
I google like mad for stuff and nothing relevant has come up so far. Will ‘em relevant info please start appearing.. like.. SOON? HRMPH.

Bad Feeling

21 November 2004

Have you ever had the feeling that things are going to go badly, no matter how much preparation you’ve put into it? ‘Cos well, that’s the way I’m feeling now. I’m feeling that way about GI exam tomorrow and about NHSD.
I cannot afford to flunk GI ‘cos well… I calculated my average and it isn’t […]

Apple, Anyone?

20 November 2004

Quite a few people will know by now that I’m planning on getting a new notebook/laptop and am actually considering getting a Mac. Why a mac? I don’t really know. I like the interface, I like the fact that I won’t kena virus attacks as easily and most of all… I want a change.
I still […]

The yPod has a new home

16 November 2004

Shortly after I started Uni, Kor Kor bought me an 3rd generation, 20gb iPod. Someone in #KVPUG called it the yPod and Kaizer kept on using the name, and I kinda like it, so yupz, YP’s iPod is the yPod.

Kor even engraved a message at […]

When Stress Catches Up With Us…

15 November 2004

With GI exam coming up right after Raya holidays, everyone is really going crazy with studying over the short “break”. You know that everyone is truly nutty when nicks on your MSN contact list are stuff like… Levator Ani, Plicae Circularis, Brunner’s Glands, Troisier’s Sign, Ampulla of Vater etc.
Crazy, crazy… Crazy!!!

As The Earth Revolves Around The Sun

14 November 2004

We all know from primary school science that the earth revolves around the sun and the moon revolves around the earth, now, what do our lives revolve around? What I mean is, what are the items that rank top on our list of priorities? Has there been any changes? In my case…
In primary school, life […]

New Course In The Uni

13 November 2004

I went to the IMU website hoping to find an updated version of the academic calender but saw this instead.
The International Medical University (IMU) is pleased to announce that it has received approval from the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education to offer a full-time Bachelor […]

Spam Spam Spam and More Spam

13 November 2004

Long long time ago, the only spam you get is the brochures and stuff you get in your mailbox. When emails started, spam got into your email mailbox, then your SMSes… now, they start appearing in your comments too!!!
Maybe I should start moderating comments…but that will mean that I have to check my MT […]

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