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A Day Gone Wrong

31 October 2004

I hate it when I feel this way. I don’t even know what is wrong! It’s just… well… I FEEL LIKE CRAP. It sucks, it really does. Nothing went right today…
Let’s see, first thing during the wee hours of a Sunday morning, I see messages that piss me off. So I go off to […]

The Surprise II

31 October 2004

Here’s another bit that happened on the side as we were going to get ShuJ’s surprise cake…
Us: (On the way to Secret Recipes) Heehee… this is sooooo amusing!!! She’s be so surprised!!! *giggles* *laughs*
Caryn: Eh, what should be get for ShuJ? She got a yoghurt che… oops, you’re not supposed to know!!!
Me: CARYN!!!!!!!
Grace: *LOL* This […]

How a surprise turned into a surprise

31 October 2004

Because of the significance of the date today, I had to wait 2 days to post this
Before I begin…
This is actually about how a surprise party turned into a surprise party. (Confusing?? Read on)

Walking Different Paths

30 October 2004

I was reading some old (er.. old?) friends’ blogs and suddenly, it struck me that so much has changed. These people were my schoolmates or friends from RCY.
In the past, we went to school together or had trainings together or did something together on a regular basis, now… well… people have to go on with […]

Zap Zap…

29 October 2004

5 of us were in my room, looking at endoscopy video clips. When we were looking at one where a Trichuris (whipworm) was being removed with biopsy forceps when…
A: Huh? What’s that?
Us: Dunno? The camera’s movement gua…
B: Maybe the other worms are attacking it (refering to the forceps).
Maybe we are just a little stressed […]

Impending Doom

26 October 2004

I’ve added a countdown counter at the top of the page, counting down to Semester 3 EoS.
What is there to cover?
1. Foundation 2 (pathology, pharmacology, immunology & microbiology)
2. Cardiovascular system
3. Respiratory system
4. Haematology
5. Gastrointestinal system
*Major G-U-L-P*

Mock OSCE*

25 October 2004

I passed. Is that a good thing? I don’t know.
Initially, I was really happy to have passed but thinking back, my performance was far from satisfactory. Apart from the history takings for which I gave the wrong diagnosis… the physical examination was bad…
Let’s see… I went in, read the question and promptly blanked out. (I […]

Exclusive Buncha People

25 October 2004

I’ve got a new banner!!! (You need to scroll down, yes, see the bright orange banner??) It says “M203 blogger”. Thanks, Elena, for coming out with it. :D
Now, what IS M203.
M = Medical Sciences
2 = Second Intake (aka August intake)
03 = 2003
No need further elaborations as to the meaning of the banner, I suppose?
Okok, here’s […]

I’ve got mail!!!

23 October 2004

The mail’s here! The mail’s here! :D

I recieved it on 20th October 2004, well, actually 21st. Checked my mailbox after getting back from Mamak with ChiQ and Raj and I found the mail waiting for me! *jumps up and down in glee*
Replied and posted earlier today… I wonder when she’ll get it. *ponders*


23 October 2004

That’s the theme of this year’s art competition (is that what it’s called?) Basically, it’s held once a year in the uni and it showcases the artisitic talents of staff and students. (Yes, there are medic and pharm students out there who are artistically inclined too!) There’s poetry, photography, digital art and of course the […]


22 October 2004

Tired, exhausted, drained…
But I don’t know why!!!
I looked back at the past year’s calender, maybe it’s because…
From 8th March will 8th August, we had 2 weeks break. 9th August till today, I haven’t seen a real break yet. Summative and End-of-System exam every few weeks means that we are constantly mugging. So… weekends aren’t breaks […]

New Link Again

19 October 2004

I discovered earlier today that Ken Lin has a blog. So yupz, new link in med peepz!!!
I’m suffering from blogger’s block.. Hmm…

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