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Oops, the Aircon!

30 September 2004

The air-conditioning system of our government hospitals must be cursed.
2 weeks ago, it was Tengku Ampuan Rahiman Hospital in Klang then it was the new Pandan Specialist Hospital in JB. You must be wondering, how can our national referral centre be missing out on all this? Have no fear, take a look at our newspaper […]

A Bloody Death

30 September 2004

Want to know how the Haematology paper was? Please refer to topic. Argh. I’m pretty sure I died in MCQ. SAQ should be alright. MCQ ah MCQ… Now, who invented those stuff and who came out with the idea of negative marking? WHO??? HRMPH.
On a happier note, I did alright for Respi (just got our […]

Commenting System

29 September 2004

I’ve lost count of the number of people who came up to me and asked me to tweak my settings such that the comment box will pop up instead of open in the same window. Hurray! It’s done! =D

中秋节快乐 — Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

28 September 2004

Also known as Mooncake Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival (MAF) falls on the 15th day of the 8th month in the lunar calender.
Here’s one of my favourite stories about MAF…
The earth once had ten suns circling over it, each took its turn to illuminate to the earth. But one day all ten suns appeared together, […]

Starting A Brand New Day

27 September 2004

Let’s admit it, one of the toughest thing to do each day is to get out of bed and get on with the day. Now, how do you like to start your day? Here’s how yours truly like to start her day:
1. Cold cold shower to shock me out of dreamland.
2. Hot cup of coffee […]


27 September 2004

After reading about the Ultraman latern in PapiMami, I started thinking about getting the lantern for myself. :) I wanted to get one for Teng Teng (my 4 yrs old nephew) too, but I won’t see him until after midautumn festival. Anyway, I finally got to lay my hands on Ultraman when we went grocery […]

Man’s Best Friend

25 September 2004

I took these photos quite some time ago but didn’t post them. Since I’m taking a break from all that haematology, I figured I might as well do this now…
I’ve got 4 dogs at home, 2 german shepherds, a rottweiler and a mongrel. Caesar, the rottweiler is terribly camera shy. Brownie, the mongrel spends most […]

Fried Rice, Anyone?

25 September 2004

If anyone knows who my housemates are, they will agree with me that I’ve got very nice housemates. :) Now… one of them, J, decided to show off her culinary skills and prepared dinner last night. We didn’t know what to expect, and it didn’t help when the previous afternoon…
YP: You sure you can cook […]

On The Contrary, Madam

25 September 2004

A fellow blogger posted about the display debate we had last Tuesday and I felt that I should also blog about the same topic from another point of view…
The display was not professional, I concede that fact. It was not meant to be unprofessional though. Much thought and effort has been placed into the display. […]

In the morning

23 September 2004

In the early hours that herald the coming of dawn, the sound of the falling rain roused me from my sleep. It took a while before I climbed out of bed and pushed open the windows. The rain had stopped. Red streaks appear from beyond the horizon murdering the darkness of night.
:P I still remember […]

Extra CSU

21 September 2004

This post is dedicated to Dr Timothy Song. I promised. (Heh heh. Whether he wants this dedication is besides the point though. :P)
Before I begin… Dr, thanks for having the session with us this morning.
I discovered 5 things during the session:
1. Sitting comfortably in your chair is distinctly different from standing in front, examining the […]


20 September 2004

\Ve`ne*sec”tion\, n. [NL. venaesectio; L. vena vein + sectio section.] The act or operation of opening a vein for letting blood; bloodletting; phlebotomy.
20th September 2004 0830hrs, a group of second year medical students were initiated into the world of venesection. The world of beautiful veins, syringes and veins. Here’s what happened during the “blood initiation”…
Lesson […]

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